How can we help you?

OrthoSport Physical Therapy can help you to:

  • Localize the source of your pain and dysfunction, and then
  • Get rid off your pain and other symptoms,
  • Normalize the dysfunction(s),
  • Restore your every day functional ability, and also help you to 
  • Get ready for a surgery,
  • Recover from a surgery,
  • Recover from an automobile accident, work or sports related injury,
  • Restore your every day functional ability,
  • Return to work or sports
  • Enhance your athletic performance, and
  • Elevate the quality of your life to level you deserve


It doesn't matter if you are 10- or 90-years old, we personalize your care for your needs and help you to achieve your goals.

If it is a degenerative joint problem, rehabilitation after surgery, sports injury, auto accident or work related issue, we are ready to help you.



We'll help you with any of these issues but not limited to

  • Headache
  • Neck pain / stiffness with or without radiating symproms to shoulder and arm
  • Low back pain / stiffness with or without radiating symptoms to buttock and leg
  • Upper back / mid-back with or without pain around your chest
  • Shoulder problems
  • Hip and Knee issues
  • Foot and Ankle troubles
  • Elbow and Wrist problems
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Disc related symptoms
  • Muscle tightness, weakness, spasms
  • TMJ issues
  • Balance problems
  • All sports, work, or accident related issues
  • Etc.

The unique Orthosport treatment approach follows specific and systematic treatment priority order for fast rehabilitation progress and optimal functional outcomes.




 At OrthoSport all patients are treated one-on-one by Expert Physical Therapist only:

you’ll see no aids or assistants, only Physical Therapist at every visit.

That's OrthoSport care - guaranteed!



  OrthoSport Physical Therapy Center helps patients in the Canton, Grosse Ile area to achieve optimal health and performance.



Our Treatment includes Physical Therapy Service Specilizing in Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Medical Exercise Training for all Sports, Spine and Orthopedic needs as well as Rehabilitation, Dynamic Body Balance Athletic Screen, Athletic Performance, and Prehabilitation and Injury Prevention Programs, but also Offering Consulting and Physical Therapy Continuing Education services. We have helped numerous patients and look forward to working with you.